28 Best Pick-Up Lines From Sappho The Ancient Greek Lyric Poet To Use At Pride 🌈

Sappho from the island of Lesbos 630-570BC Coin 📸 (L) The British Museum (R) rsmint.com

With Manchester Pride coming up this weekend for PoCLGBTQWI (and all the rest of letters in the alphabet), why not try a few pick-up lines from Sappho and wow your future partner.

Through her words we can surmise that she was one fearless human being who understood emphatically the importance of ‘gnosis’ – the Greek philosophical concept to ‘know thyself’ – and thus live as thyself regardless of what kind (or unkind) times you may find yourself living in.

Happy pride everyone, who ever and where ever you are 🌈🤓

And now over to Sappho…

1 🚹 Come close

2 🚺 Come to me now: loose me from hard / care and all my heart longs / to accomplish, accomplish

3 🚺 Do I still yearn for my virginity?

4 🚹 The leaves drip slumber

5 🚹 Her ankles, captivates you with her charm?

6 🚹 He is unrivalled, like a Lesbian

7 🚹 Come, girls , beat your fists / Down upon your breasts / And shred your dresses

8 🚺 For many crowns of violets / and roses / at my side you put on

9 🚹 Yes, we did many things, then – all Beautiful

10 🚹 Stand and face me, dear; release / That fineness in your irises

11 🚺 But if you love us / choose a younger bed / for I cannot bear / to live with you when I am the older one

12 🚹 As you are dear to me, go claim a younger / Bed as your due / I can’t stand being the old one any longer / living with you.

13 🚹 There is a boy, and lust / Has crushed my spirit – just

14 🚺 For the man who is beautiful is beautiful to see / But the good man will at once also beautiful be

15 🚹 That impossible predator / Eros the Limb-Loosener

16 🚹 That fellow strikes me as god’s double

17 🚹 But I am hardly some backbiter bent / On vengeance, no my heart is lenient

18 🚹 Once as a too, too lissome / Maiden was plucking a blossom…

19 🚺 You came and I was crazy for you

20 🚹 Neither the honey nor the bee / For me…

21 🚺 For you beautiful ones my thought is not changeable

22 🚹 I don’t know what the right course is / Twofold are my purposes

23 🚺 I don’t know what to do / Two states of mind in me

24 🚹 She who shuns love will soon pursue it

25 🚺 Oh it puts the heart in my chest on wings

26 🚺 Come, nod yes to this for my sake!

27 🚺 But all is to be dared

28 🚹 Your nectar with pure festal glee / Fill gilded bowls and pass them round / Lavishly


🚺 To read more of Sappho’s words translated in full* by classicist and poet Anne Carson see If Not, Winter published by The Folio Society

🚹 To read more of Sappho’s words translated by the fantastically named Aaron Poochigian see Stung with Love: Poems and Fragments published by Penguin Random House.

For an abbreviated version of his book you can also see Sappho Come Close No.74 out of 129 in the Penguin Little Black Classics box set to commemorate Penguin’s 80th year as a publisher of the world’s most brilliant voices 👍🐧

* Until that pesky new fragment about Sappho’s brothers was found in 2014 😂


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