The Sun Rose: Birthday Poem For A Friend

Written by Nikki Wordsmith

An AI generated image of a pink English rose glowing like the sun.
Image created by Bing AI DALL-E 3
I have a friend 
who can turn tears into wine.
Who can make people laugh,
when it is sadly their time.

She took Cuddles The Monkey
yes — middle name The —
to a dying soul trapped
beyond hope in a home.

She says she’s psychic
def mos could be right.
She calls out of the blue
in the middle of the night.

Like last week, when ghosts
gathered round.
I was repressed. I was slow.
My thin reedy voice fell
against a Liverpool window.

Nikki she yelped
at the top of her voice:

The sun rose
I was half dressed,
I was wild.
I was alive.

Why wasn't I
next door naked
having the time
of my life?

I hope you all have
a good friend in your midst
who says the right words
that makes everything click.

Who seeds hope flowers
deep in the bed of your soul.
Who never says never
oh dear or oh well.

Who cries out in the night
catching your soul in a pan.
Noooooooo Nikki! Nooooooooo Nikkkkii! Nak! Nooooooodle.
I know that you can.

I have a friend
who can turn war into peace
with a quick dash of humour
and eternal relief.

I have a friend
who makes the earth move
spins it around
with her flickering words.
A picture of space with lots of yellow glowing light spots. In one of them is Cuddles the Monkey. He represents my friend's grandma who is still shining on like a crazy diamond from space somewhere, of that you can be sure. She was an absolute force of nature and she helped make my friend the amazing woman she is today.
For my friend and my friend’s grandma. Shine on you crazy diamond.

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