A Poem Called Blancmange

Some words tell the truth, some words tell a lie

Some words describe shoes, some give good alibi

Some words strike a chord resurrecting ghosts

And some words are bored of living out on the coast.

Some words live forever, some disappear in time

Some words like orange are impossible to rhyme

Some words like me don’t want go to work

And some words have no manners and can be heard to fart and burp.


Some words never surface banished to the silent lake

Some words are so meaningful you do a double take

Some words get murderers off the dirty rotten hook

And some words are trapped forever in tree killing books.

Some words are free as birds scrawled in smoke across the sky

And some are held against their will signed on the dotted line

Words in poems have the silliest job to do

Try cramming yourself on a postage stamp torn in two.


Some words are a pretext to wrong foot people’s lives

Some words are so sweet they wouldn’t harm a fly

Some words offer peace in a world of endless war

Where boys with broken feet keep marching on and on

Some words are abused on a politician’s tongue

Pin them instead to a melody on a chart-topping song

But the bestest word in the whole wide world must surely be benign:

benign, benign, benign, benign, benign, benign, benign.

This poem was written for National Poetry Day 2019 on the theme of Truth.

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