What If Bob Dylan Was Born A Long Long Time Ago?

Same old. Same old. Even 12,000 BCE in the Neolithic Revolution

This is a Whatsapp message is from a very special good old friend.

He remembers my inspired 3000 word undergraduate essay on Neolithic Revolution.

Yes my opening sentence was, ‘The times they are a changin’’.

And it went on and on and on as one long 3000 word sentence WITHOUT any punctuation.

James Joyce eat your heart out.

Yes I got a Desmond.

And I would never have achieved those dizzy heights without this dear dear friend.

Today he turns 50. That makes him a rather special artefact and find in my life himself these days.

Happy birthday Conor MacCarKeys. May you live long and prosper.

#BobDylan #NeolithicRevolution #TheTimesTheyAreAChanging


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