A Poem About Fair Play On Women’s World Cup Final Day 2023

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Image Description: A girl in football gear jumps high into the air in the centre of the frame to head a football above her head.
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Mars and Venus play keepie-uppie
with the Earth close to full-time
On me ‘ead Sun, Dawn O’Time
shouts from the event horizon line

A pile-driver rockets right through history
whizzing past maternal lines
magnetic women play all positions
yet still get benched unequally

A nutmeg here, the odd foul play,
silence, nod, the knowing look,
chattel, dowries, sons inherit,
daughters walk they don't drive cars

Slowly though, the Earth keeps scoring,
floating in space and time,
while well-intentioned people keep on working.
In plain English it's best to write:

simple truth and inborn fairness
spring up forever from the side-line.

Please note no AI was hurt during the writing of this poem.

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