Funeral Poem: The Queen — Reflections on a Royal Blue Monday


Reporters’ tones are hush-puppy low
As if we didn’t already know
A little old lady called Elizabeth the Second
Has been by Time Immortal beckoned.

Press express in odd stultifying ways
Puzzled looks and eyebrows raised
Words are out on long sentimental walks
Like this one commenting on Radio Talk:

‘The reflection of the dual jewels on the crown on the coffin
wobble like two bright teardrops in the eyes of a nation.’

A peak moment of state sanctioned sorriness
A woman near me crying, ‘I’m no monarchist’,
Clutched my hand and burst into
The Floyd’s Shine On You Crazy Diamond.

Think of her dogs, the corgis she walked every day,
I bet they’re missing her today.

#QueensFuneral #Corgis #AnnieLiebovitz

Thanks to photographer Annie Liebovitz for sharing such a moving and thought-provoking image. See the full Facebook post and like her page.


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