11 Things about Photography by Ian Smith, Photographer from Adlington, Lancashire

Ian Smith could be considered a late developer in the world of photography. He gained a first from the University of Bolton in 2018 when he was 70 years young. Since then he has used the camera as a tool for social change especially in the area of raising awareness of prostate cancer.

1 Remember photography is not just about the camera.

2 Collaboration is a two-sided process.

3 Use your neckstrap.

4 A photograph is only reflected light.

5 Which is the best camera? The camera you have with you.

6 Don’t think you always know what is best.

7 Never be late.

8 Do no harm.

9 Never display outsider arrogance.

10 No false representation.

11 Start early; work late.

Ian Smith specialises in portrait photography. His latest exhibition on prostate cancer awareness Every Picture Tells A Story, is on display at Vine House in Preston.

You can follow his work on Instagram @butchers_lad

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