22 Keywords And Phrases From The Northumbrian Dialect

Northumberland County Flag
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  1. Mebbies (perhaps)
  2. Gan (go)
  3. Lassie (girl)
  4. Laddie (lad)
  5. Byre (cow shed)
  6. Barie (lovely)
  7. Bonny (handsome)
  8. Kenspeckled (of distinctive appearance)
  9. Muckle (big)
  10. Oxters (armpits)
  11. Divint (don’t)
  12. Pan Haggerty (traditional Northumbrian dish with potatoes)
  13. Pet (a term of affection)
  14. Bumlors (bees)
  15. Chep (man)
  16. Limmer (stupid or useless person)
  17. Mooth (mouth)
  18. Mizzle (drizzle like rain)
  19. Whisht! (be quiet)
  20. Willie-waught (a full draught of ale)
  21. Yous (plural of you)
  22. Wam (warm)

Northumberland is one of two English counties that border onto Scotland (the other is Cumbria).

There are several dialects spoken in Northumberland that spread out across the North East of England and takes in Geordie (Newcastle), Mackem (Wearside, Sunderland) and Smoggie (Teeside) to name the main few.

The traditional dialect is a moribund language, an older dialect from the one currently spoken in the area and heavily influenced by Scots and Cumbrian. They all have their common ancestor language as Northumbrian Old English.

The 39 historic counties of England, as set up by the Normans in many cases based on earlier kingdoms and shires created by the Angles, Saxons, Jutes, Celts and others – Wikipedia

Please note this list is neither extensive, scientifically factual or an accurate countdown or cut-off point. It is based on the much more gradley no-nonsense reet good method of using yer loaf, as we like to say in Lanky.

Sources for this post include Wikipedia, Northumbrian Words, Northumbrian Dictionary and the staff at Go Ape at Rivington.

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