A Royal Mail post box stands proudly alone on Babylon Lane in Adlington, Lancashire.

Neither poor Royal Mail posties

don’t get paid nearly enough,

nor nurses, nor doctors,

nor teachers, nor writers,

nor driving examiners,

nor cleaners, nor bankers,

nor lovers, nor clangers,

nor soldiers, nor wrestlers,

nor people in offices,

nor carers, nor drivers,


Hang on. Wait a minute.

What did you say?

You never see a suit on a bike

hanging on for payday.

Actually I don’t mind bankers

who get a big bonus.

It’s hard to make spread-

sheets show a real surplus.

The bottom line shouldn’t be either or,

neither food versus electricity,

nor walking instead of taking the bus,

wealth distribution means them and us.

#pricesrise #unionsreact

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