Solstice Poem: Green Fields Forever

On a certain day 
at a certain time
in a certain light
on a certain line

a certain train home
houses an uncertain eye
coupled to an unsure hand
left to write an ancient rhyme

about fleeting moments
forever passing by
if you try to catch them
they will surely make you cry

if you let them go
butterfingers butterflies
they will flutter happily
back to the breast of life

outside the train window
underneath a setting sun
blades of grass wave and bow
heavy with rejection

velveteen green growing pains
from the first curt goodbye
left me high for many years
a confused blue collar tie

a loyal dog begs for bone
a dozy cow chews the cud
a sleepy sheep mows the lawn
a tree wobbles stands aside

and all the while I hadn't seen
an ess-shaped silver winding stream
bend towards then wend away
run by my side and want to play

underneath my tousled head
green felt travel pillow rests
Pellegrino bubbles rise
before my softly cornered eyes

green fields fly past window pane
Runcorn, Galway, Walsall, Crewe
Chorlton Meadows, Camber Sands
A hill in Mochdre, Glastonbury

embedded beauty naked free
returns recurs eternally

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