Why Hire A Writer?

Dear You,

You might well wonder what are the benefits of working with a writer?

Writers work with written words and use them to produce journalism, keyword blogs, CVs, education essays such as dissertations, PhD theses, short stories, articles, books, adverts, and all other sorts of text.

Take one little word. A noun. A naming word. This has the power to brand a planet or open a person’s mind. The right word chosen at the right time in the right context is a very powerful thing.

Words that are strung together coherently and creatively makes words the supreme mode of communication. They are versatile too. A book can transform into a play or a film or be reduced into a tiny tweet.

When you get into it and see the differences between words that serve as a function and words that are borne out of good writing, well they speak for themselves.

Looking for a writer?

Let me help you find the right words to:

  • Tell your story your way ✔️
  • Write keyword blogs ✔️
  • Get better grades in education ✔️
  • Shape and structure your dissertation, MA or PhD thesis ✔️
  • Land that dream job ✔️
  • Invent a fantastic slogan ✔️
  • Write a standout CV ✔️
  • Create eye-catching copy ✔️
  • Edit and proofread copy ✔️
  • Plus so much more ✔️

Other roles of a writer

Sometimes it is difficult to see what needs to be said when you are in the thick of it. Working with a writer gives you an outside ear and eye and a more objective perspective.

Being able to see things clearly, get to the heart of a story and then communicate it so it connects properly with people are just some of the key benefits a writer can bring.

It also makes saying those things that you do well publicly a heaven of a lot easier!

Develop your confidence

Perhaps you want to move up to the next level but aren’t quite sure how to express that or which path to choose.

Or perhaps you’re a bit shy about bigging yourself up or feel awkward bragging or maybe you find it difficult to identify and express the killer sales angles about yourself and your enterprise.

Having a third party triangulate the information adds social proof and credence to your venture.

It can work the other way too. Perhaps in your enthusiasm to persuade people, reach new markets or even just casually network the words come out too direct or the key message or theme is muddled.

Either way it doesn’t quite hit the target.

And we don’t want that. Do we?

Find your voice

So, for me, when I ask myself, ‘Why hire a writer?’ the biggest benefit is helping you find you, your organisation or your business find the right voice for the right audience and the right market.

When you do that, you feel confident that you are connecting clearly, creatively and commercially, reaching and engaging more of the right people.

And that’s something we all want more of, isn’t it?

Drop me a line for further information or to have a little natter about your needs.

Literally yours,

Nikki Smith

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