12 Yoga Insights On How To Live Like A Butterfly With Ann Smith

Ann Smith holds up her favourite cushion 🦋

Ann Smith, from Adlington, Lancashire, says she is always learning on her yoga journey.

It was a leap of faith that got her on this path after teaching prisoners stress-related courses. One day Ann had a light-bulb moment when a prisoner asked her, ‘What do you do to relax?’ Ann replied, ‘I do yoga.’ And he said, “What is yoga?’

Since then, Ann qualified to teach yoga in 1998 with The British Wheel of Yoga and has taught around Lancashire for more than twenty years. In the past, she has trained prisoners and prison officers and NHS staff. These days, she teaches individual students on Thursday mornings at Blackrod Community Centre.

She added, come and try it you might not like it, you might not like me, the hardest thing to do is to come through the door.

1 Yoga is suitable for everyone.

2 It is important to have quality time for yourself.

3 A yoga session is about giving yourself permission to let go.

4 Make time to enjoy the benefits of stretching and strengthening your body.

5 We tend to forget that the most valuable part of yoga practice is simply listening to our bodies.

6 There is no such thing as a yoga body. There is just your body and that is perfect for yoga.

7 Mind and body are linked by the breath. Your brain is all through your body.

8 I work from the inside out. Accept the stillness that grows within.

9 There is joy in relaxing your mind. A relaxed mind is a creative mind.

10 Life still has its up and downs. Yoga gives you the tools to deal effectively with it.

11 It pleases me when I see how changed my students are at the end of a yoga class.

12 I only provide tools. You do the important work when you carry the yoga off the mat and into your daily life.

Ann Smith’s yoga class runs at 9:30am most Thursday mornings at Blackrod Community Centre, Greenbarn Way, Blackrod, Bolton, BL3 5PG. Telephone: 01204 334312 / 07980 713289 or email bsacc.manager@gmail.com

Featured image is of the Butterfly Nebular NASA, ESA and Hubble SM4 ERO Team as seen on Wikipedia.

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