The Lancashire Dialect Top Ten Keywords

Lancashire County Flag
Vexillology image: Wikipedia
  1. Eyup cocker (hello)
  2. It’ll be reet (everything is going to be okay)
  3. Buzz (bus)
  4. Mek us a brew (Would you mind making me a cup of tea please?)
  5. Chuffed (proud)
  6. Mither (moan)
  7. Lanky (tall)
  8. Cowd (cold)
  9. Swirling (sweating)
  10. It’s like Blackpool illuminations here (it is either very bright or there’s lots of traffic)

The Lancashire dialect, known colloquially as Lanky, refers to the Northern English vernacular speech of our county, or in other words how we all talk to each other in this area.

The 39 historic counties of England, as set up by the Normans in many cases based on earlier kingdoms and shires created by the Angles, Saxons, Jutes, Celts and others. Wikipedia

The next historic county up is…Cumberland.

Please note this list is neither extensive, scientifically factual or an accurate countdown or cut-off point. It is, as we say in Lancashire, based on the much more gradley no-nonsense reet good method of using yer loaf.


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