16 Keywords And Phrases From The Cumberland Dialect

Cumberland flag
Cumberland County Flag
Vexillology image: Wikipedia
  1. Yan (one)
  2. Barie (good)
  3. Tethera (the number three)
  4. Fettle (condition)
  5. La’al crack (what’s the goss?)
  6. Gannin yam (going home)
  7. Pleate ceake (a cake on your plate)
  8. Mass a brew (make us a cup of tea)
  9. Ladgeful (embarrassing)
  10. Radge (very poor quality)
  11. Yal watter (heavy rain)
  12. Telt (told)
  13. K-eyed (drunk)
  14. Gadgey (bloke)
  15. Bumfit (the number 15 — I know!)
  16. Stop twining — stop moaning

Cumberland dialect is a local dialect of the North of England. It is also known as Cumbrian dialect. It has a large north east sound and influence and is also influenced by Scots. Cumberland dialect is descended from Northern Middle English which in turn comes from Old Northumbrian English. Old English was initially spoken alongside the native Cumbric language.

I would like to personally thank Trinity School, Carlisle teacher Mrs McVey who helped me get an A in my GCSEs of Classical Civilisation, and the one whose name I can’t remember in English Language.

The 39 historic counties of England, as set up by the Normans in many cases based on earlier kingdoms and shires created by the Angles, Saxons, Jutes, Celts and others – Wikipedia

Please note this list is neither extensive, scientifically factual or an accurate countdown or cut-off point. It is based on the much more gradley no-nonsense reet good method of using yer loaf, as we like to say in Lanky.

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